You’re in a city run by an immortal Sorcerer-King, that is terrorized by a dragon with the power of a god, your waterskin is empty, the sun has scorched you a nice crisp black, and that urchin just stole your coin purse. Welcome to Athas.

This Wiki is to Chronicle the adventures of Lyssandra, the Sun-Soul Genasi with a heart as firey as her hair, and Leta, the Fox Hengeyokai that is more shadow than flesh. Together, they cut a path across this deadly land, and attempt to carve out a piece of it for themselves as well.

Curious where to start? Check out the handy Quick Start Guide!

Or check out the creations of the party’s mad scientist-esque artificer, Harzen Scorchedskull, at Harzen’s Research Notes!

Ever since the party activated the Device in The Ziggurat of Tyr, they’ve been having numerous visions. It’s easy to lose track of what they have seen, so why not refresh your memory with the Dreams and Visions Compendium?

The party has found themselves thrust into a situation where they are part of a council ruling over the city of Tyr! Find out the defenses, wealth, and anything else you’d like to know about the cities running here!

One of the party members, Leta, has started a site where she will chronicle some of the adventures of Leta and Lyssandra in comic form! Check it out here!

In addition, here is a page where the players reminisce about the parts of the campaign they most want to see in cartoon form: Notable Moments.

The Mark of Tyranny

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