The Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, a cruel and indifferent despot who is best known for her self-absorbed ways


“Kneel and give thanks, for through my benevolence, you are given the freedom you have always craved.” – Ablach-Re before ordering the execution of members of the Veiled Alliance

Ablach-Re is the Sorcerer-Queen of Raam, a walled city to the north-east of Tyr. The party only knows the barest of details about this despot, that she is a cruel and seemingly lazy despot, appearing entirely self-absorbed. Raam is a chaotic mess that makes post-Kalak Tyr seem like an example of order and law, due to Ablach-Re’s seeming complete lack of governing sense. It is expected that any number of rebel groups or foreign powers will topple her reign any day.

Ablach-Re is often portrayed in what temples of hers remain as a regal looking woman in an ornate white robe, wielding “The Staff of the Heavens”.


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