A Timid but mischievous child, Akemi is a fairly sickly Hengeyokai scholar, but displays impressive intelligence.


Kes and Aristes have a Hengeyokai child, who is a fairly timid scholar named Akemi. Unlike most Hengeyokai, he was born without the 100 year long animal phase, and was born fairly sickly, but is remarkably intelligent for someone his age. Leta was named as his god-mother, and when Kes and Aristes died in the war, three years earlier in that timeline, Leta helped take care of him.

Aristes has the same difficulty transforming his mother had, and was wracked by sickness at a young age, leaving him a faint reflection of his burly father. Aristes is distant, but has a fondness for pranks and tricks.

Akemi has proved helpful to the party while they are in the future timeline, finding bits of information in Kalak’s library and theorizing where the leader of the Unity is.


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