A green thumb and a red blade, Bite's fearsome visage hides a heart of gold


“Bite? Oh, he’s a great guy, don’t let the teeth fool you. Just don’t touch his plants.” Slice, speaking to Cha-ka when he joined the arena.

Brother to Slice. Standing around 4 feet tall, this Mul has a shaved head and a clean shaven face. His tongue was cut out for speaking against his master when he was a younger slave. His teeth were carefully filed to points at the front, which has made his wholly vegetarian diet more difficult to chew, but he likes how they look. The tattoo on his face just adds to the fearsome impression people have of him.

Bite is an accomplished gardener, specializing in unusual or dangerous plants. After the party impressed him during a dinner they were invited to, he offered them a cutting of a dangerous plant, that needs to be fed blood to grow, or water to simply stay alive.

Bite’s preferred weapon is two curved daggers on the end of chains, attached to the manacles that once bound him. They offer him incredible mobility and reach during combat.

One half of a partnered arena team, Bite and his brother, Slice, have been in the arena since they reached adulthood. When King Kalak was slain, Slice and Bite executed their old master before he fled, and took his home as their own, on the borders of the noble and merchant districts.

Slice and Bite were the top paired team of gladiators currently competing when the party joined the arena. After the party beat them, they didn’t hold it against them, and even gained a measure of respect for them.

Several times, people have approached Slice and Bite, particularly before their match with the party, and asked them to break arena law, and make sure that Lyssandra and Leta died in their match. They turned down the offer, and invited the party over for dinner to inform them.

Slice and Bite helped out during both the Night of Fire, and the defense of the arena district during the riots. Slice and Bite accompanied the party to the ziggurat and stood guard outside during the party’s excursion inside.

When the party went into The Ziggurat of Tyr, Slice and Bite helped stand guard outside. When The Preservers came to retake the Ziggurat, Slice and Bite were captured, and taken to Fort Ianto, to be indoctrinated and converted to Titarion’s cause.

The party freed Slice and Bite from the Fort, both of them bleeding and covered with dozens of runes carved into their skin. Taken to Moiraine for healing, Slice and Bite remained hidden at The Severed Arm as they recovered.

Once the party seized control of Tyr, Slice and Bite volunteered to be guards of The Council.

Bite takes care of the garden at Titarion’s Manor, and guards Harzen’s lab.


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