Ancient, Terrible, and Bloodthirsty, Borys is the only dragon on Athas


“There are worse things than death. Take what little solace you will in that.” Borys, before sacrificing the Tribute to the Dragon.

An ancient dragon, Borys was once a human sorcerer, one of the most powerful users of Defiling Magic that Athas has ever seen. Through extensive experimentation with dark and twisted magics, Borys shed his human form, becoming a gargantuan dragon.

The party does not know much about Borys, only what they have heard in the streets. They know that the time of year where Borys demands a thousand slaves from each city in tribute is approaching. Last year, the city of Balic provided the thousand slaves that were to be from Tyr.

The party experienced several visions from the point of view of Borys, showing his transformation into the Dragon, as well as him as a human, fighting alongside the other Sorcerer-Kings against an unknown foe. They also saw Borys declaring that Titarion would need to provide the 1000 slaves this year, or his city would be used as sacrifice instead.


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