Captain Lyranius

An Ex-Captain of Hamanu's Army in Urik, Lyranius defected to Tyr in the hopes of living free from the yoke of a Sorcerer-King.


A tall, dark cavalryman of the Urik army, the party first encountered Captain Lyranius as he entered the city, bearing a letter for The Council. He was wounded, and his golden scorpion scale armor dented, but he still held his head high, determined to deliver his charge. When he encountered the party, he gave them the letter, a summons by Hamanu, and departed politely. During his recovery in Tyr over the next two days, he grew enthralled with the city, seeing the freedom and beginnings of stability emerging, and contemplated returning.

When he returned to Urik, he was disciplined by his superiors for letting his unit be destroyed in battle, a skirmish with a band of bandits on the road to Tyr, the reason he was wounded when the party saw him. The discipline was the last straw, and Lyranius, in the dead of night, gathered up his family and what loyal men he could find, and rode for Tyr. He pledged himself and his 46 men to serve the Council.

Captain Lyranius

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