A hulking brute with the mind of a child


“Those toys sucked, they broke in seconds. Hmph. I don’t wanna play anymore.” Crusher, after defeating several House Tsalaxa goons during the Night of Fire.

Crusher is a mountain giant that arrived in the arena originally as a monster for the gladiators to slay. However, his glee at playing, as he calls the combats, swayed public support for the giant, and after Crusher had finished pounding the hapless gladiators into the dirt, King Kalak granted him the position of gladiator in the arena. Why Kalak did this is subject to much pondering by the people of the city, with theories ranging from Crusher being his illegitimate son with a giantess, to him being the new vessel of Kalak’s soul. Crusher’s response to these theories has been a confused look and a light giggling.

Crusher stands approximately 14 feet tall, and wields a broken pillar that he tore from the Dragonborn Arena Master’s office by accident. He refers to his opponents as toys, and seems to not understand the concept of death, complaining when his toys stop working after being hit by 500 pounds of stone.

Crusher was apprehended by the Preservers, along with Rowan, and kept in a Preserver prison, and was ultimately forgotten when Titarion and his loyalists left the city. In a panic over starvation, and unable to break down the walls, Rowan and Crusher dug out of the prison, and burrowed towards the Arena district. After emerging, they went back in their tunnel and accidentally fell through into Under-Tyr. Here they teamed up with Davion and Verin until their rescue by the party from the hordes of brain rats.


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