A female Thrax the party encountered in the Eyrie of the Golden Tower, claiming to be Kalak's daughter.


The first the party heard of D’huk was when Nicholas recruited them to defeat her, ending the threat of the mad templars she commanded.

When the party made it to the Eyrie, they found D’huk praying at a stump of a Tree of Life, her whole body covered with a silk dress and veil, aside from her eyes. She recognized the party, claiming to be a huge fan of Lyssandra and Leta, or rather, Sunsoul and The Demon, having watched their arena matches from up in the Golden Tower. After some banter, she stuck, attacking the party, along with two mad templars and a rare Shadow Ray, a mutation of Athas’s native Cloud Rays.

She was killed by a shadow dart being thrown into her mouth, freezing her solid and shattering her. Whether she was actually Kalak’s daughter is left up in the air.



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