A cheerful human woman, with a fondness for bows and poison, Elenwen is the High Templar of Nibenay's Temple of Gold.


Elenwen is a fairly cheerful, if devious human woman, with a fascination for poisons, and their applications in the diplomatic arts. High Consort of Nibenay and Head of the Temple of Gold, Elenwen’s face appears to be that of a middle aged woman, hardened by Athas’s harsh environment, but her actual age is nearing almost a millenium.

In the present timeline, the party has yet to meet Elenwen, though she is presumably serving Nibenay in her role as diplomat and Templar.

In the future timeline, the party came across Elenwen holding out against the monsters that had escaped from Nibenay’s hidden labs, rallying a small group of Shadow Brides and hiding in the Temple of Gold. The party encountered her while searching for supplies in the ruined city, and ended up allying with her and her templars. After teaching the brides some tricks with growing food and building a few useful traps, the party aided them by fighting off an attack by a shadowy figure riding a Nightmare Beast.


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