Quick with her staff, quicker with her mind, a psionic adept, Elthea


“There are more dangerous things in this ziggurat than bugs and elementals. Me, for instance.” Elthea, inspiring a hesitating Preserver while in the ziggurat

The party encountered Elthea in The Ziggurat of Tyr, as they prepared to open the vault. On Moiraine’s orders, Elthea and three other preservers unsealed the Ziggurat and descended, with the orders of retrieving the pieces of The Heartwood Spear and returning it to Titarion in secret.

Elthea is a fairly short and slender woman, almost entirely hidden in her deep purple robes. She has skin as black as night, and her hair is a shifting mix of purple and black. She wields a staff with a large crescent, opening downwards on it. She uses her psionic powers to cloud the minds of those around, manipulating them and passing unseen, using the shadows and the environment far more effectively than most mages and psions.

Elthea was sent to the city several years ago by the head of Nibenay’s Temple of Shadow, as a spy. When Kalak was overthrown, she chose to throw in her lot with Titarion, figuring that having a Templar close to the ruler of Tyr would be a good idea. Over time, Titarion grew to trust her, and she has been able to steer him a small amount in some decisions.

Elthea has a mark of Nibenay on her shoulder, similar to the party, but she uses her power to mask it. If sufficiently surprised, or bloodied, she stops focusing on the mark, and redirects her full power to her foes, allowing her mark to glow strongly enough to show through her robes with each spell she casts.

Elthea has been brought into The Council as an aide to Moiraine.

Elthea and Cha’ka are becoming close friends, often spending time together outside of their duties.

Elthea and Adran have a rivalry.

Elthea was appointed as liaison with the city of Nibenay by the party.

Elthea was attacked by a hidden assassin while trying to give the party a book she found about Golem Construction. After a series of incidents, Elthea was saved by the party’s speed and Adran’s healing skill.


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