Folketh Tsalaxa

Snivelling, Pompous, and Cowardly, Folketh is the second son of Haneth Tsalaxa


“I want them dead! I want their families dead! I want their crodlu slain, their friends flayed, their light-blasted landlord burnt alive on their porch!” Folketh, after being ransomed back to his house by the party

Folketh is the second son of Haneth Tsalaxa, born after Saren and before Tyron. Commanded by his father to prevent word of the Vault of Darom Madar from getting out while Tyron worked to unlock it, Folketh gladly accepted the responsibility, and the pair of assassins that came with it. Folketh was always in the shadow of his brothers, with Tyron being the smart one, and Saren being the ruthless one, Folketh has always fallen by the wayside. It was Tyron who assassinated the man who Rhotan Vor learned of the vault from. That man was one of those who Tyron hired to transport his belongings to the Canyon of Gothay, but he fled before Tyron could silence him, like he did the others. Folketh tracked him to Raam, but was too late to prevent him from passing on the information.

Folketh pursued the House Wavir caravan, but chose to wait before striking, opting to see if they would manage to open the vault. If his brother was disposed of at the same time, well, a small price to pay for the treasure in the vault.

Once the vault was open, Folketh tracked the party, but lost them in the night when they opted to go an unusual way through the desert. By the time Folketh caught up to them, the caravan was only a day or so away from Tyr, and his job would get infinitely more difficult. However, when faced with direct combat, him and his assassins proved lackluster, and Folketh was captured by the party. Folketh made numerous escape attempts, before finally making a deal with the party to give them some of his hidden funds in exchange for freedom.

Once free, Folketh immeadiately started hiring people to attack or inconvenience the party. House Tsalaxa had been embarrassed, and if his father heard of his failure to protect the vault, his brother, and himself, he would be furious. The only recourse Folketh could think of was to kill the party, and demonstrate his competence once again. Before he could however, the party accidentally unleashed a swarm of killer oozes into his family’s stronghold in Tyr, and he was forced to turn to them to save it. Many of the family’s retainers were killed that day, but the house was saved. Folketh briefly entertained the notion of escaping the city and going into hiding, and staying away from the party. However, before he could, one of House Tsalaxa’s mages found him, and enlisted him in a plan to strike back at the party and the upstart free city of Tyr at the same time.

Cowed and disgraced, Folketh was reduced to running errands for the mage, picking up various ingredients and potions. In the course of one potion run, Folketh was spotted by the party, who were dining nearby, at the Golden Chalice restaurant. A chase ensued, with Folketh using most of his potions to attempt to slow the party as he fled. When caught, rather than go back in complete dishonor, Folketh attempted to take the party out with him, drinking a psionic bomb potion, but failed to hurt the party with his final action.

Folketh’s soul was captured inside a gem in the enchanted helmet of Lyssandra. Currently it remains there.

Folketh Tsalaxa

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