A bandit with a heart of gold, Gamlan runs a small group of raiders out of Silver Springs


“Your money or your… Oh, hello again! How are you?” Gamlan, attempting to jump the party on their way from the Canyon of Gothay to Tyr

Gamlan, an elf past his middle years, was an elf the party met in Silver Springs. At the time, he just seemed an elf hard on his luck, claiming to be a merchant that had hit hard times. The party gave him some gold when they met him, and he seemed very grateful. When the party next met him, it was revealed he was a bandit, running a group of elves along the major trade route between Tyr and Silver Springs. Due to the party’s generosity earlier, the elf apologized for jumping them, and wished them on their way.

Gamlan has not been seen since.


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