Harzen Scorchedskull

An undead once in the service of King Kalak, Harzen Scorchedskull had been trapped in the Ziggurat for a year, repairing the Device.


“All things considered, the death of everyone in the city is a minor price to pay, in exchange for testing the device. Yes… testing.” Harzen, when explaining the purpose of the device.

Harzen’s research for the party can be found here!

An undead artificer who once served King Kalak, Harzen Scorchedskull was the defiler who designed the The Ziggurat of Tyr on the orders of Kalak. He was trapped inside the pyramid when Kalak was defeated, and has been working to repair the damage that had been done to the device a year ago.

The party engaged Harzen in battle in the depths of the ziggurat, and when he neared defeat, he surrendered, and offered them his service and use of the device.

Harzen helped the party escape the ziggurat, plunging through a hole in the device, falling several hundred feet into Under-Tyr.

Harzen appears to have a past connection to Moiraine.

Harzen has since become a close ally of the party, joining The Council running Tyr, and lending his expertise on all matters Arcane to the party.

Harzen has set up a lab in Titarion’s Manor, in the arena Titarion had made for his own entertainment. Harzen also runs a Battle Mage Academy, recruiting mages for the city’s army.

Harzen has recently reclaimed The Device from The Ziggurat of Tyr, and is rebuilding it in Titarion’s Manor.

Harzen accompanied the party to Kalak’s office in the Ziggurat, discovering the army of Golem’s Kalak made to serve him after his Ascension.

Harzen is the party’s primary magical contact, and has aided them in a number of ventures, such as entering Cha’ka’s head, battling Titarion’s minions in Under-Tyr, and making a poison to affect Borys.

Harzen Scorchedskull

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