A Strangely Cheerful Half-Elf, distinctive for her omnipresent mask, her strange cadence, and successfully assaulting the Dragon of Tyr.


Iorveth is a half-elf woman of uncertain age, who wears clinging clothes, high-laced climbing boots, and a strange mask of bone, carved into a smiling face. She wields twin Carrikal, a mixture of double bladed axe and climbing pick.

The party encountered Iorveth while on their way to the Dragon’s Tribute. At the time, she was a High Praetor of Balic, leading the city’s tribute to the Dragon when the two columns encountered each other on the road.

Iorveth greeted the party as if they were old friends, and invited them for tea after the tribute, assuming they survived. This was seen as quite ominous by the party. Betresh-Lal informed them that Iorveth had made a deal with her, similar to the one the party had made.

At the tribute itself, Iorveth made an unexpected mood, and climbed up onto the Dragon’s altar, seizing on the Dragon’s focus on the tribute to strike at him, wounding him to an unknown extent, before somehow escaping.

Iorveth met up with the party in the ruined village of Shazlim after the Dragon had flown off, to attack Balic. Iorveth seemed undisturbed by the impending doom of Balic, and held true on her promise to make tea for the party.


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