The first Battlemage trained by Harzen Scorchedskull.


Solmod: 0
Cumod: 0
Bimod: +2

Culture: Nomad in Forest Ridge
Social Standing: Comfortable
Legitimate Birth
Raised by Mother and Father
Last Born in a Forest
2 Siblings:

Two Unusual Birth Circumstances:
Mother Died in Childbirth.
Unusually Potent Storms raged that night.

Father: A herder of livestock.
Three Noteworthy Things about him:
Has 2 Jilted Ex-Lovers.
Well known for his benign attitude. [L]
Particularly loving towards his family.

Events of Childhood:
Two Events Occured.

Age 2: Character is loved by Family [L]

Age 3: Kindly neighbor teaches literacy. [N]

Events of Adolescence:
One Event Occured.

Age 18: Something Wonderful®: A disease almost kills the character, but she became immune to all disease as a result.

Adult Events: 1 Event

Age 22: Becomes well known for an event [L] Has A religious experience [L]: With a God of War, whose priests heal her of an injury. They are based in a monastery in the Ringing Mountains. In a vision, the god tells her to undertake a dangerous mission, involving Tyr.

Alignment and Attitude:

[L]: Honest
[L]: Patient
[N]: Liberal
®: [N]: Immaculate
[L]: Thrifty


Jenora was the first Battle Mage trained by Harzen Scorchedskull. She is a female human, mid-20s, with auburn hair. She stands about 5’8" with slightly tanned skin. She is a very soft spoken and patient woman, but is fierce when roused to anger. She carries a talisman of the god she worships, though she has expressed doubts as to his existence.


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