The ruthless former ruler of Tyr


“Rejoice! You have been chosen to serve your god in his greatest achievement!” Kalak, moments before activating The Device.

A sorcerer-king that ruled over the city of Tyr a year before the beginning of the party’s journey. King Kalak was known to be a power-mad despot, but with a peculiar soft streak. He’d cheerfully order the death of slaves, dissidents, and all manner of creatures in the arena, but he ordered Z’tal a protected species, and the evisceration of anyone who harmed them. Thankfully, Z’tal infestations are at most minute in this part of Athas, unlike in Raam, where even with dedicated pest control teams, the swarms are often enough to take down a fully grown human.

Kalak was slain by a party of adventurers, the team up of Adran, Davion, Losk, and most famously, the current king, Titarion. Kalak was about to activate a device designed to siphon the life force of everyone in Tyr into Kalak, kickstarting his ascension to a full dragon. The adventuring party fought him back into The Ziggurat of Tyr, disabled the device, and emerged in victory.

Kalak’s Ziggurat was made for multiple reasons. To house the device made to speed his Ascension to Dragonhood, to protect him from potential recourse from the other Sorcerer-Kings, and to hide the army of powerful stone golems he had made to serve him after the device was supposed to drain the life from the citizens of Tyr.

Kalak’s body was never found, and the party and the public have bounced around several conflicting theories on where it might be, and that Kalak may still be alive, somehow.


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