A shimmering reptilian Hengeyokai, with a sharp eye and an unerring bow


“Oh, don’t take it personally. Kes doesn’t like anybody less handsome than me… or as handsome.” Aristes, when asked by a rebuffed dwarf in an Altaruk inn

Kes was first seen by the party alongside Aristes in Tyr, Kes is a tall and thin Hengeyokai, who wears a deep hood to hide her omni-present scales. Unlike most Hengeyokai, she is unable to transform fully into humanoid form, leaving her with scales along the back of her neck, and claws that she hides beneath gloves.

Kes is very clipped in her speech, and rarely says more than two or three words at a go. Kes carries a bow only slightly shorter than she is, and it appears to be made of a very fine white wood, carved in several pictographs.

Kes’s history is fairly unknown, as she doesn’t talk about herself, or anything else for that matter. She appears fiercely loyal to Aristes.

Kes was severely wounded in the Tournament of Tyr’s obstacle course, when a grease pit caught fire. Aristes charged in and saved her, carrying her to the Preserver Hospital.

Kes, following the slaying of Imaar the slaver by Leta and Aristes, opened an archery range to train men for the city.

Kes and Aristes were married by the party in the Throne Room of the Golden Tower. Mr.Bread stood for her.


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