Bitter, greedy, and ruthless, Losk is a Mul looking for trouble


“You ask them for gold. If they don’t give you gold, ask them for food. If they don’t give you food, stab them, and take the food and gold.” Losk, speaking to some of the refugees living in The Warrens.

Short even by Mul standards, Losk stands an impressive 3’2". Don’t let this fool you though, Losk is as quick with her bladed whips as she is with her tongue. Raven hair and skin as black as night, Losk has seized control of all organized crime and gangs in Tyr, combining them into a fearsome crime syndicate called “The Bloody Hand”.

Losk is one of the original four adventurers that slew King Kalak a year before the events of Leta and Lyssandra’s chronicle. Losk, along with Titarion, are the two members of the party that are originally from Tyr. Where Titarion was a noble, who claims to have been moved by the plight of the slaves, Losk was a slave, who joined the party with the hope of freeing her friends and bringing peace to Tyr. When Titarion proclaimed himself King, Losk was one of his strongest supporters. But Titarion and Losk had some sort of disagreement at Titarion’s mansion after a month, and according to witnesses, Losk fled with blood on her blades.

Losk vanished for several months, slowly establishing herself as a significant figure in the underworld before revealing herself again. When Losk made her presence known again, it was with a series of bloody raids on Preserver strong points. The Bloody Hand and the Preservers are in a constant state of warfare, but due to the Preserver’s numerical superiority, the Bloody Hand keeps its activities covert when outside of their base of the Warrens.

Losk has approached the party for help with a problem of hers, Titarion has been able to dominate her from afar, and she seeks help finding and killing him. Losk has entered into a light alliance with the party, not directly antagonizing, but still very much loyal to her own interests.


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