Lyssandra Arathi

Sun-soul Runepriest, with a temper as firey as her hair


Lyssandra wasn’t always a Genasi. For several hundred years she was but another elemental in the Elemental Chaos. But Lyssandra was different. Over time, she grew bored, and decided to opt out of the churning maelstrom that is the home of the sun elementals, and took a humanoid form, one that blended her true nature and that of humans. Lyssandra wandered for some time, and found she could still call on some of the power of her home, through the power of arcane runes.

Lyssandra was wandering around on her own after transforming into her mostly human self when she found a tiny creature caught in some sort of trap. Feeling bad for the poor thing, Lyssandra freed the creature from the trap and helped nurse it back to health. The two became unlikely friends wandering around aimlessly, when bam! The little creature that she was adventuring with turned into a human! Lyssandra was shocked, but happy that she would now have a person that she could converse with and spend time with. She had been growing lonely.

In the course of their wanderings, Lyssandra and Leta came across a village known as Shazlim. With their coin purses empty, their waterskins dry, and their rucksacks bereft of supplies, they took the only work that was being offered in this tiny fly speck of a village, guarding a merchant caravan that was leaving the next morning. Little did Lyssandra know, this seemingly innocuous job would start off an adventure that would lead her inexorably towards her destiny.

Lyssandra befriended an Id Fiend named Lar in The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes.

Lyssandra’s arcane powers were awakened by a mishap with a teleporter in Under-Tyr. She also befriended a Z’tal named Waffles there.

Lyssandra is leaning towards the path of the defiler with her arcane powers.

Lyssandra Arathi

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