Curious and vicious, this tiefling was bound inside a bizarre box of binding in the ziggurat


A female tiefling, with red eyes, horns that curl back over her head, and elongated claws. The party found Mesaana bound by an arcane circle and metal prison in The Ziggurat of Tyr. A being of shadow and fire, when freed, she expressed her gratitude to the party, and expressed an interest in getting to know their plane.

Mesaana was summoned from The Grey, and bound in the Ziggurat, to supply her infernal power to the device, a year before the adventures of the party.

When the party freed Mesaana, Leta transitioned into her shadow form. When in this form, Mesaana appeared signifcantly more demonic, with teeth dripping with blood, spikes along her tail, her horns elongated and sharpened, and her claws stretched to razor sharp talons.

Leta promised to show Mesaana the city of Tyr, and the rest of the surface world.

Mesaana, after being freed, bound herself to Leta. When Mesaana was killed by the Preserver forces storming the Ziggurat, she was banished back to the Grey, but kept her connection to Leta. She has been acting as Leta’s guardian devil, as it were, helping protect her and seeing through her eyes. She has been able to partially enter the world, masquerading as Leta’s shadow and Twilight Assassin.

When Leta was killed in the explosion of the Observation Tower, Mesaana was able to draw Leta’s soul to her, and revealed that she had been connected to Leta, and offered to train her in the art of Soul Thievery. She brought Leta to her master, Archon who made a deal with her to return her to life.

Mesaana then took Leta back to the portal to the Grey that the party found earlier, and sent her back, promising to help teach her once she had recovered from being dead.


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