A scholar at heart, Nibenay is one of the most powerful Sorcerer-King's in Athas


“Fascinating, that a human could lose that much blood and still speak! This merits further testing. Hold still.” Excerpt from a transcript of Nibenay’s notes by a former templar.

One of the most powerful defilers in Athas, Nibenay is a dignified looking middle aged man, with a carefully trimmed beard streaked with grey and black, and black hair that is grey at the temples. Nibenay has a very aloof public persona, though when presented with an unusual riddle or complication he may let his guard down, letting his obsession with knowledge get the best of him.

Nibenay is often called “The Shadow King”, and his city, also called Nibenay, is referred to as “The City of Shadow”.

The party has only encountered Nibenay once so far. By sacrificing Tyron Tsalaxa on an altar in the Canyon of Gothay with Nibenay’s symbol on it, they sent a magical message to Nibenay, indicating that someone with an interesting potential has used one of the altars. Nibenay appeared as a shade shortly after, questioning the party on their origins and allegiance. Nibenay offered them a chance to serve as templars in his service, and branded them with a tattoo in the shape of his emblem on their shoulders. The tattoo glows faint blue in the presence of defiling magic.

The party has not given their response to Nibenay, who simply told them to show their tattoo when they arrive at the city gates. Time is meaningless to the ancient sorcerer-king.


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