A towering giant of a man, Nicholas was the High Vizier of Kalak, found when the party raided the Golden Tower.


Standing around eight feet tall, Nicholas is a man with his head shaved, his skin dark, and several hooked chains embedded in his flesh. Nicholas was the High Vizier for the deceased sorcerer-king Kalak. Nicholas has spent the year since the death of Kalak defending the Observation Tower from the mad templars that swarmed the main Golden Tower.

Nicholas made a deal with the party, that he would teach them something of necromancy, and allow them into the Observation Tower, if they defeated the leader of the Mad Templars and clear out the rest of the Golden Tower.

Once the leader of the templars was dealt with, Nicholas gave the party a basic lesson in the types of undead, and offered to kill them, and teach them more about Necromancy from within the Grey. The party wisely declined. Nicholas then led them to the Observation Tower, revealing what he had been guarding, the bound Heart of a Primordial. He then trapped them in the Tower, with the reanimated corpses of all the mad templars he had been sacrificing to maintain the magical seal on the heart. He intended them to be torn apart by the undead horde, but they cut through them, broke the chains binding the heart, and in a rather impressive move, Leta and her shadow leaped forward from the walls, impaling Nicholas and ending him in a flourish. Once he died however, the final seal on the Heart dissipated, and the Observation Tower exploded, slaying Leta and almost destroying Lyssandra.


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