Nihlus Vor

A lightning-quick temper and an extensive knowledge of the 7 Cities, Nihlus is the heir to the Vor fortune


“Oh, this? Nothing. You should see the other guy.” Nihlus, when asked by the guards of Tyr about his gaping sword wound on arrival in the city.

Nihlus is a brash merchant prince of House Wavir, recently raised significantly in rank after his father, Rhotan Vor, was elevated to a High Seat of House Wavir. Nihlus is an accomplished marksman, and easily takes offense at the implication that

Nihlus arrived in the city a week after the party contacted House Wavir about the possibility of reopening Tyr’s iron mines and quarries. Nihlus arrived at a meeting of The Council bleeding heavily from a gaping sword wound on his side, with a cocky grin on his face, shortly before collapsing.

Nihlus recieved the letter requesting House Wavir’s council at the House Wavir outpost of Altaruk, and chose to seize the opportunity, riding his crodlu hard, along with 4 armed escorts. Along the way, Nihlus and his guards were set upon by a group of men he believes were hired by House Tsalaxa.

Nihlus agreed to help setup the Iron Mines and Stone Quarries as sources of revenue, provided the party could guarantee that they had been cleared out first.

Nihlus is very much a fan of wealth, coming up with several get-rich quick schemes to gain wealth for himself and the city.

Nihlus Vor

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