The first and the last of the Avangions, he guards the last tribe of the Lizardfolk as their god


“Without me, the lizardfolk would have wandered out into the desert, in search of others of their kind that survived, or trade, or to prove themselves. If they had been found, this little oasis of calm, this last bastion of life in Athas, would have been revealed, and I can not protect both the tribe and the land if the Sorcerer-Kings found out.” Oronis, explaining to his student the neccesity of being seen as a god.

Oronis, formerly the Sorcerer-King Keltis, is the only surviving Avangion in Athas.

Originally one of the Sorcerer-Kings, and tasked with the slaying of the intelligent lizard folk tribes. Oronis, wracked by guilt after the end of the Cleansing Wars, retreated into his Palace in Kurn, and withdrew from the world. After a portion of time, he chose to abandon defiling magic, and reverse the damage he had done. Following centuries of effort, Keltis shed his name and old life, leaving the city of Kurn in the hands of his templars, who followed the policy of Preservation he had established. Donning the new name of Oronis, he set out to complete his transition to Avangion, the pinnacle of preserving magic.

At some point, he was captured by the Sorcerer-King, Tectuktitlay, and kept prisoner in the Temple of the Father and the Master.

In the Future Timeline, the party met Oronis, who was freed from his bonds by Leta and Lyssandra of that timeline. He found one of the last tribes of Lizardfolk that had escaped his purge of them, and he attempted to guide them, to make up for his mistakes. He offered the party a portion of his power as they began their trek towards Lyssandra Unbound.


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