An inquistive and esoteric Kenku, Qarin is a scholar and a tailor with an absent-minded bent.



Self-Holding Bag
Deep Pockets
Leomund’s Secret Chest
Disenchant Magical Item


Qarin is a Kenku the party met while seeking elaborate dresses for their dinner with the Dragonborn Arena Master. Wearing an elegantly tailored long brown robe, and multi colored spectacles, Qarin is a freelance mage/tailor who runs “The King’s Robes”.

Qarin was originally hired to create two incredibly ornate dresses, using magic to achieve this in less that 30 minutes. However, they noticed that the Kenku was staring at Lyssandra much more than at Leta. Through some negotiation, Qarin was prompted to let them know he was involved in the kidnapping of Lyssandra’s doppelganger. In exchange for help packing and protection, Qarin agreed to help the party find who was interested in kidnapping them, and Lyssandra’s doppelganger.

After packing and agreeing to teach the party how to access an extradimensional space, Qarin went up to his bedroom to put on a disguise. A short time later, the party heard breaking glass.

Qarin was kidnapped by members of Azad’s mercenary group, who had hired him to experiment on Lyssandra. After a chase through the city, over rooftops, through streets, and into the sewers, the party caught the kidnappers, and rescued Qarin. They took him to The Severed Arm to heal up.

The next day, Qarin helped the party find the Silver Lions mercenary group’s warehouse, and helped lead 2 Cilops, to track traces of Lyssandra’s doppelganger. Qarin was stabbed by Azad as he fled from the warehouse in the ensuing battle, but due to Lyssandra’s healing magic, he survived.


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