Raz Chainbreaker

Rainbow Scales, A quick smile, and a quicker blade, Raz Chainbreaker of Tyr


“Hail travellers! Fancy a toss of the dice to speed you on your way?” Raz encountering the party on the way to Tyr.

Encountered on the way to Tyr, Raz is an imposing Dragonborn, with dull grey scales that shimmer with a rainbow pattern in the light. He carries a giant warhammer, and is clad in an armor made of bone.

Raz claimed to be an ex-Arena champion, and challenged the party to a friendly game of dice. While he won the first toss, he lost the second, returning the coins and heading off on his way to Raam. On closer inspection, the party realized that the coins Raz gave back were actually painted copper.

On arrival in Tyr, the party saw several posters offering a sizable reward for the capture of Raz, for the crimes of “Murder, Theft, and Assaulting a Government Official”.

Raz was revealed to be the arena partner to Bahamut, as well as his half-brother.

Raz Chainbreaker

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