Red Eladrin

A curious benefactor of the party, this defiler appears to be more benevolent than most


“While unfortunate, my affliction isn’t the end of the world. Well, as long as none of those I feed on learn of it.” The Eladrin on his arcane parasite nature.

A tall and slender Eladrin, this defiler wears a robe and silk veil that cover everything but his eyes. This serves to hide the gaping wounds and boils on his body from a lifetime of defiling magic and an unfortunate arcane affliction.

The party encountered this Eladrin at night in the Elven District. Recognizing the party as potent combatants after a scuffle with Haneth Tsalaxa’s psionic dopplegangers, the Eladrin approached them with a simple offer. The fountain in the Shadow Square had stopped working, and he wished them to restore it. What followed was a descent into Under-Tyr that was fraught with danger and reward to destroy the Silt Elemental that had been drawing the power from the water meant for the fountain.

Upon the party’s return, the Eladrin gave them a runestone that seemed to be tied to the prison of a primordial that was bound on Athas. The Eladrin then revealed his defiling nature and his motivation behind wanting the fountain restored. If people came to the Shadow Square, he could subtly draw small amounts of life essence from each, reversing his decay. The Eladrin then offered the party a further amount if Titarion encountered some sort of accident, though he was vague in his reasoning.

Red Eladrin

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