Rhotan Vor

A Trader for House Wavir, this old man still knows a trick or two


“You filthy foreigners are alright, alright indeed!” Rhotan when leaving the party in Tyr.

Rhotan Vor has worked for House Wavir his whole life, and only he can tell you just how many years that actually is. While some trader’s turn coat at the first sniff of a bigger paycheck, Rhotan has always valued loyalty above gold. While trading in Raam, he was speaking with one of his contacts over drinks, when the man blurted out something about a treasure, hidden in a vault in the Canyon of Gothay. The man quickly shut up, but it was too late, Rhotan’s interest was piqued. He used every trick in the book to get the man to tell him a little more, and by morning, he was ready to set out on one last adventure, to secure his retirement back home in Balic with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

However, shortly before leaving the city, he heard that the man who had told him of the treasure was found dead, stabbed in his home. Rhotan fled the city, and made no stops until the village of Shazlim, a hard 3 days ride. There he hired additional muscle for his skiffs, as well as the only two warriors in the village, Leta and Lyssandra, to provide protection.

The dead man’s info proved to be worthwhile, and with the aid of the adventurers, Rhotan was able to bring the treasure of the Vault of Darom Madar to Tyr, and sold it, making a tidy profit. As a sign of gratitude, he gave Leta and Lyssandra two riding crodlu, and told them that if they ever had need of House Wavir, to get in touch with him in Balic. Rhotan then left the city, presumably heading for his home in Balic.

The party learned that Rhotan’s gambit was much more valuable than they thought, with the crystals being worth many times what they were told. The sudden wealth elevated Rhotan to sit on the council of merchants that heads House Wavir.

Rhotan’s Son, Nihlus came to Tyr to lend his support to The Council.

Rhotan Vor

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