Elven Gladiator with a thousand yard stare


“…you’re looking at me. Stop it. Now.” Rowan, to pretty much anyone.

Rowan is a fairly slender and wiry dune elf, quick with a scimitar, and reserved with his tongue. While he isn’t the most popular of the arena gladiators, he has gained a small fanbase purely because he refuses to talk about himself. The theories among arena fans vary wildly, from him being the heir to a lost kingdom, to being an ex-templar for King Hamanu of Urik, sent to learn more of the city. Rowan rarely blinks, gazing at those talking to him until they stop, and letting the silence stretch before he responds. He has never been seen to smile.

Rowan teamed up with Cha’ka to test the party during their application to the arena, and left without a word after his sound defeat.

Rowan accompanied the Dragonborn Arena Master on his mission to contact the preservers during the riots in Tyr, and stood guard outside the ziggurat when the party ventured inside.

Rowan was captured alongside Crusher when the Preservers captured the Ziggurat again. They were imprisoned and abandoned when Titarion fled the city. Unable to break the walls, Crusher and him burrowed out of their prison, ultimately plummeting into Under Tyr until their rescue by the party.


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