The Father of the Moons and Master of the Earth, the Sorcerer-King of Draj, Tectuktitlay


“Kneel before your god, and behold the power of the Father of the Moons!” Tectuktitlay, before smiting an assassin that attempted to strike him during a religious service.

Tectuktitlay is the absolute ruler of Draj, a city to the north-east of Tyr. Tectuktitlay enforces the doctrine that he is the one true god, and punishes or executes those who disagree or question. Tectuktitlay lives in the Temple of the Father and Master, a gargantuan step pyramid in Draj, rumored to hold unfathomable amounts of treasure and dangerous traps.

The party’s only interaction with Tectuktitlay was learning that he hired Haneth Tsalaxa to sow dissent in Tyr to prepare it for destruction or capture. Haneth took this as an opportunity to strike at the party as well, who had killed two of his sons and foiled several of his plans.


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