A crown, a smile, and an iron-clad fist are the best words to describe Titarion


“Behold, peasants of Tyr, your deliverance!” Titarion proclaiming himself King after slaying King Kalak

Self-Proclaimed King of Tyr, Titarion stands at 6’1", and wears incredibly ornate plate armor. Titarion has a carefully trimmed short head of blond hair, and is clean shaven. Titarion sits atop his throne at the top of the Ziggurat of Tyr, holding the Heartwood Spear in his gauntled fist. Titarion is partial to flowery speeches and grand gestures, and considers himself a charismatic leader.

Titarion was a noble in the city of Tyr prior to the death of King Kalak. Titarion claims he joined with a band of adventurers who were setting out to liberate Athas from the grip of the sorcerer-kings. A year before the story of Leta and Lyssandra, Titarion led the group of adventurers that slew King Kalak with the Heartwood Spear. The party descended into the Ziggurat in pursuit of Kalak, and emerged sometime later, declaring the city free of the sorcerer-king’s tyranny. Titarion then shouldered to the front, and proclaimed himself king of tyr before any of the others could speak.

Those who support Titaron called themselves the preservers, and are the dominant power in the city of Tyr.

Titarion organized this year’s cross-city race, and when Leta won the race, the party was taken to Titarion, who explained the race was to find someone from outside the city to work for him. Titarion then enlisted the party to infiltrate another faction, The Bloody Hand, and find out why all his other moles in the organization are being killed.

When the party went into The Ziggurat of Tyr, Titarion sent several squads of Preservers to retake the pyramid, capturing the Dragonborn Arena Master, Slice, Bite, Rowan, and Crusher.

Moiraine revealed that Titarion is a Defiler, using his magic to turn people to his will.

After a series of difficult battles, the party fought into Titarion’s manor, and beat him to within an inch of his life. Titarion negotiated with them for his life, promising to leave the city, and that if they ever met again, they might be allies against other Sorcerer-Kings. Whether this was a wise decision remains to be seen…

Titarion has been psionically controlling Losk from a distance, using a ritual he used to imprint arcane runes on her, which was the incident which prompted her hatred of him.


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