Tolbert Flamegrind

Sarcastic and Annoying to a fault, this gnomish fire elemental lives inside a flame trap


“Och Nac Mac Feegle ya durn carp-arse fish of a tally-widget!” Tolbert greeting the party

The party encountered this diminutive flame elemental inside The Ziggurat of Tyr, living inside a fire trap. This Flame elemental attacked them relentlessly, but when outside the magically enhanced tube, his fire bolts were, at best, irritating, never deadly. Whenever the party attempted to take him through the wards around his cage, he exploded violently, before regeneating inside. However, the elemental was able to escape through the fire trap, although he seemed reluctant to do so. The gnomish individual wanders the Ziggurat, which he considers

Once the party took him from the trap, he began attacking them until he was back in his cage, at which point he yelled tonelessly, attempting to annoy the party enough that they would leave him alone. After some attempts at talking him down, the elemental gave the party a hint towards how to open the vault in the depths of the Ziggurat, saying it would require sacrifice of some sort to open.

Tolbert Flamegrind

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