Twidget Steelbite

A naive and esoteric dwarf, this artificer creates all manner of bizarre and deadly devices, often by accident


“Well… it’s not supposed to do that. It’s a wagon, not a guillotine!” Twidget, apologizing to a customer who got too close to one of her gadgets

Twidget Steelbite, a short female dwarf with very short hair and strange goggles covering her face, is an artificer living in the Artisan district of Tyr. One of the chief designers of The Ziggurat of Tyr, and more specifically, the device inside, Twidget is an unusual servant for King Kalak to have employed. Twidget was instrumental in the device’s design, but she thought it was going to be used as a power generation device for the city, to make automated wells, mechanical defense turrets, and all manner of things to make the city better.

Twidget rarely makes small objects, specializing in structures, defenses, and siege weapons. She once invented the compound ballista, thinking it would be used to deliver messages around the city in seconds, instead of as a weapon of war.

Twidget Steelbite

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