Tyron Tsalaxa

A Necromancer, murderous, cunning, but naive


“The bones are far too weak, I need stronger subjects. Perhaps human…” Tyron Tsalaxa, early in his magical career

Tyron Tslaxa is the youngest son of Haneth Tsalaxa, and is skilled in the necromantic arts. When word of the Vault of Darom Madar reached the Tsalaxa home in Draj, Tyron leapt at the opportunity to study it. Haneth agreed, knowing that Tyron could take care of himself, but insisted that Folketh, Haneth’s second son, accompany him, and prevent anyone from finding out about the vault while he studied it.

Upon their arrival in the Canyon of Gothay, Tyron began his search, after setting up a base camp and disposing of the workmen he had hired to carry his things. Tyron shortly found a large altar in the center of the canyon, and spent several days translating the runes, though he never activated it, for fear of what might happen. He then resumed his search of the canyon.

Tyron was overjoyed to find the vault, as the exterior was crowded with skeletons he could practice his necromantic arts on. Truth be told, he spent more time doing this than studying the vault, since the skeletons of the workmen he had brought with him were far less interesting. Who wants to play with the bones of a random peasant when you can animate the corpses of House Tsalaxa’s most hated rival? Well, ex-rival. However, the vault still held a lot of his attention. He could understand the magical parts, but he had little experience with mechanisms.

His surprise was palpable when he arrived one day to find the vault already open, and looted. Thankfully, the culprits hadn’t gone far, and Leta and Lyssandra sprung from a hole beneath where an obsidian pillar had rested. Tyron was fascinated with the shards of the pillar, and offered the party a reward to explore the cave beneath the vault while he took the shards to his camp for further examination. However, Leta and Lyssandra’s experimenting with the shards proved to have a magnetic effect on the shards, and they tore from his hands and through his flesh, killing him almost instantly. Any chance of survival he had was quickly snuffed out as Lyssandra accidentally rolled him over even more sharp shards.

Tyron’s corpse was used by the party to activate the Altar of Nibenay in the center of the canyon.

Tyron Tsalaxa

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