Surly, foul mouthed, and nimble, Xander is very much a rogueish Thri-Kreen


“Preserver, Bloody Hand, Voice, who cares? It’s your street reputation that matters, and Xander looks out for Xander.” Xander, on his reasons for being a double agent

A Thri-kreen covered in tattoos dyed into his carapace, Xander is the party’s contact in The Bloody Hand. Xander is secretly a double agent, working for The Preservers in order to discover any leaks letting information through to the Bloody Hand.

The party has run into Xander recently, when he was cornered by members of The Voice who claimed he had stolen from them, and murdered a high ranking member of The Voice. Xander remained silent through the battle that followed, when the party decided to intervene on his behalf. Xander was knocked out in the closing blows of the battle, and the party chose the side of caution, locking him in a cell in the arena.


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