Unit Page: Archer

“Archers! Nock! Raise! Hold!… Draw and Loose!” Moments before onrushing bandits are reduced to pincushions.

Health: Number of Units
Initiative: +3
Move: 2
Melee Attack: +7 vs. Defense (#Units/10)d4 +2
Ranged Attack: +15 vs. Defense (#Units/10)d6 + 6, Range 7
Defense: 22
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 18

Special: Height of Terrain gives bonus to range equal to Height and attack (E.G. A Wall 1 high gives a +1 Range and +1 Ranged Attack)

Trained extensively in warfare and unit tactics, the average archer works best in a squad, launching volleys of arrows from up high.


  • Longbows: Long ranged unit.
  • Studded Leather Armor: More well armored than other ranged units.


  • Slow: The armor and longbows slow down the unit.


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