Battle Mages

Unit Page: Battle Mage.

“It moves, you burn it. It keeps moving, you blast it with acid. If it moves after that, you run like hell.” Harzen Scorchedskull training up Battle Mages.

Health: Number of Units.
Move: 2
Initiative: + 3
Melee Attack: + 6 vs. Defense. (#Unit/10)d4+2
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 16
Magic Attack: + 15 vs. Magic Defense, (#Unit/5)d6+8, Ranged 7.
Magic Defense: 21

Special: Offensive Defiling: After the Unit’s attack is resolved, roll (Number of Battle Mages/10)d6, and the opposing unit loses that much health.

Special: Masters of the Flame: Once per turn, instead of attacking, the Battle Mage can set 1 square within Range 7 alight, letting them burn 1d6 turns. Any unit that enters those squares takes 1d20 health damage.

Special: Paranoid: If the Battlemages start their turn adjacent to an allied unit, they take -2 to all attacks and defenses till the start of their next turn.

Battle Mages are the primary offensive spell-casters of Tyr. Trained by Harzen, these magic users know to strike fast and true, and to take what they need to accomplish their goals. Typically brutal, these mages know violence, and little else.


  • Defiling Adept (Can use Offensive Defiling, see Special)
  • Trial by Fire (Can use Masters of the Flame, see Special)


  • Paranoid (The cutthroat tactics of the Battle Mage Academy have instilled a distrust of others into the Battle Mages. If the Battle Mages start their turn adjacent to any friendly units, they take a -2 penalty to Attack and Defense till the start of their next turn.)
  • Weak-Willed (Their reliance on defiling magic comes at a price, making the Battle Mages more susceptible to arcane attacks)

Battle Mages

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