Unit Page: Crossbowmen.

“Stick to the rooftops, reload behind cover, and stay the hell away from mages if you value your skin!” Mr. Bread training up some Crossbowmen.

Health: Number of Units
Perception: + 9
Initiative: + 4
Move: 3 (4 In urban areas)
Melee Attack: + 6 vs. Defense (#Units/10)d4+2
Ranged Attack: + 15 vs. Defense (#Units/10)d8+4, Range 4
Defense: 20
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 19
Special Stat: Stealth +12

Special: +2 Attack against armored units (Guards, Templars, Inix, Mekillot)

Special: +1 Move in Urban Settings, and can make a stealth check when not adjacent to other units while in an urban setting.

Crossbowmen are urban fighters, trained in the Warrens and used to hiding and fighting in alleys and on rooftops. Their crossbows can punch through armor with exceptional ease.


  • Strong against Armored Units.
  • Quick when faced with urban environments.


  • Short range for archery units.


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