Dreams and Visions Compendium

This page is a listing of all the visions or dreams that the party has experienced over the course of their adventure.

Usage of The Device while it sat in the Ziggurat:

1 – The party saw the last moments of Kalak from his eyes, as Titarion drives the Heartwood spear into their heart, and theyfeel their soul being torn from their body.

2 – They would see the last moments of a great city, as an unknown templar sacrificed a family while invoking the name Kalid-Ma. A loud explosion rocks the templar off the Ziggurat they were on, and moments before hitting the ground, they see a large obsidian orb flying past their vision.

3 – The party sees the transformation of Borys into the Dragon, aided by the other Sorcerer-Kings. They would see through Borys’s eyes as the Sorcerer-Kings focused a strange dark concave crystal on him, and they felt incredible pain as their body elongated and grew, their vision changing, and an intense burning on their chest.

4 – The party seems to see a battle between the Sorcerer-Kings and some large black amorphous shape. All the Sorcerer-Kings still have their human forms. As the battle is won, Nibenay leans down next to the viewer and asks “Borys, what’s wrong?”

5 – They would see through the eyes of a creature high in the air, swooping down to land at the head of 6 vast columns of slaves and templars. The air shimmers slightly, and the sun appears to go dark. The slaves start to drop to their knees, visibly aging before the party’s eyes, before crumbling to dust, as their life force is sucked towards them. The last sensation the party feels is an intense burning on their chest.

6 – The party sees the creation of the Heartwood Spear, deep in a cavern on an island in the sea of silt. 8 large elementals, earth, wind, water, fire, rain, silt, sun, and sand stand in a circle around the spear. Each of them slowly fades away, and the spear grows ever more powerful. The viewer walks out of the cave with the spear and looks out at the Sea of Silt. Titarion walks up, and the viewer wordlessly hands him the spear. Titarion nods, and a look of grim satisfaction crosses his face.

7 – The party sees through the eyes of Nibenay, as the Sorcerer-Kings assault Giuestenal. Nibenay strides through the battle, led by Ablach-Re, and joined by Hamanu, Tectuktitlay, Andropinus and Lalali-puy. They stride together, striking down all who oppose them without contest, and reach Dregoth’s citadel. Dregoth, already starting his transformation, awaits them. The battle however, is brief, as none can stand against the marshalled forces of the 5 remaining champions of Rajaat. Dregoth is destroyed, and his body dissolves into dust. The Sorcerer-Kings look around, and begin glaring at each other before leaving seperately. Nibenay is the last to leave, and walks over to the pile of dust, poking it with his foot before chuckling.

8 – The party sees Ur-Draxa, the kingdom of Borys of Ebe. Atop a mighty obsidian citadel, the party looks through the eyes of Borys, down onto the city below. Divided into quadrants and ringed by a writhing mass of lava, ash, and silt, Ur-Draxa is nigh unreachable on foot, and only slightly less so in the air. Borys looks down at a gargantuan map of the Tyr region, showing all the cities and towns. Tyr is marked in bright red ink. A further examination reveals this to be blood. Borys stares at it for several minutes, before being interrupted by the Lord Vizier, the leader of the city in Borys’s absence. The Lord Vizier tells him that the Dictator has offered to pay Tyr’s share of slaves. Borys growls angrily, then refuses, saying that “The Fool Titarion claims to be a king? Fine, then he will learn the price King’s pay in my domain.” Borys then looks up at the moon. A succesful Arcana check of 27 on the two moon’s positions revealed that this vision took place only a few weeks before, essentially at the start of the campaign.

Device Usage after Installing it in The Manor -

19. You are standing before a shimmering mirror. You reach forward and touch it, resting your hand against the mirror, the dark purple scales covering your hand standing up slightly at the cool sensation. As you rest your hand on the mirror, the mirror shimmers, and your hand starts sinking into the reflective surface. Closing your eyes, you feel the cool sensation slowly spread over your entire body, before you feel the intense heat before you. You open your eyes on a plain of pure fire.

36. Adjusting your alchemy eyepieces, you reach behind you into your pack for the ritual focus, created by all the Champions years ago, to protect what was left behind. You deftly manipulate the flows of magic around it, opening the portal to where the Dark Lens was hidden. Tucking the twisted totem back into your pack, you look to the other Champions through the downpour, especially at Borys, clutching the traitor by his neck. “Borys, it is time.”

59. The lab rumbles, the arcane magic swirling around you, the chamber inscribed with symbols in front of you shaking mightily. With a last effort, you raise your arms and all light in the room winks out. All is silent for minutes, stretching to what seems like hours. With an effort, you gather yourself up, and walk to the chamber, unlatching the heavy seals on the seams. The metal shell opens, and out steps your creation. Success, at long last, after so many failures! A scale skinned creature steps out, glistening in the faint light from the chamber. “What is your bidding?” It intones, as it kneels. “Arise, Dray. Arise, and do my bidding.” Playing God, Uyness? I AM A GOD!

75. You look at the array of crystals, 60 of them, brought by a merchant caravan owned by House Wavir. The Merchant, a Rhotan Vor, had claimed that almost as soon as they had passed the Estuary of the Forked Tongue the crystals started to glow, a deep purple color, that only intensified as they came further south. A few weeks ago now, you had the Crystals mounted and set into your Throne Room. They amplified your psionic talent, allowing your talents to stretch further and strike harder. Settling back into your Throne, you link your mind to the Crystals, and start small, dominating the minds of a few at a time. Drawing deeper, you dominate the minds of every member of your court in the room. Drawing yet deeper, you extend your control outwards further, till you command the will of everyone in the city. A female voice sounds in your head, a tinge of amusement offsetting the apparent care in her words. “Take care, Albeorn. It would not do if you were to burn yourself out.” No one would dare oppose you with this power under your control! Scowling, you draw deeper.

49: You run a claw caressingly under Saerith’s chin, the sweat on her skin already starting to dry. All these years, and she was still as beautiful as the day you picked her out of the Shadow Brides to stand at your right hand. “My lord husband, what must we do about the recent troubles in Tyr?” This from Kayan, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, swiftly bandaging her arm. You twist your serpentine body to look at her, and she gazes back, despite the almost pitch blackness surely limiting her vision. “Why my dear, we watch, and we tinker. Kalak’s demise presents an excellent opportunity, and the exact manner of the demise is worth mention as well.” Kayan’s eyes glittered, but the flicker of annoyance crossed her face. The young, so… willful. She would get her fill of bloodshed soon enough. Athas teetered on the edge of a knife, and Kalak’s Device… The Device stood at the center of it.

Other -

When the party returned to the Ziggurat, Leta had a vision, seeing a short distance into the past, revealing that Azad had broken into the Ziggurat, on the orders of his mysterious employer. It revealed that there was a book detailing the construction of golems, Kalak’s cloak, and the Steel Golem Lyssandra destroyed.

Dreams and Visions Compendium

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