Unit Page: Gladiator.

“Sword, Mace, Bow, or angry Z’tal attached to a stick, if it can be used to fight, my gladiators can do it!” Dragonborn Arena Master.

Health = Number of Units
Initiative: +5
Move: 3
Melee Attack: +16 + 1d10 vs. Defense (See Notes) (#Units/10)d10 +1d10 +5 Damage.
Ranged Attack: +13 vs. Defense (See Notes) (Range 3) (#Units/10)d8 +1d10 +3 Damage.
Defense: 22
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 16

Special: The Gladiators are natural actors, used to playing to crowds. Any adjacent units gain +2 to their attack and defense due to their charisma.

Special: The Gladiators are not used to long-engagements, and take a -2 to attack and defense each turn they spend fighting. This vanishes if they spend a turn out of combat.

Gladiators come from all walks of life, and have just as many approaches to combat. The Gladiators are a wild card, unlikely to last as long in a straight up battle as trained troops, but they can cause havoc and wreak destruction quite well. Sending them in is always a gamble, but it’s sure to make a good show at least.


  • Adaptable (No Penalties from Terrain/Location)
  • Strong (Adds 1d10 to Combat Checks, adds 1d10 to damage)
  • Variable Range (Can Attack at Range 3 as well, -2)


  • Hold, you Cowards! (Each round the Gladiators fight, they gain -2 to attack and defense. This effect ends if the gladiators spend a turn out of combat)


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