Unit Page: Golems.

“The construction of a Golem is a long and intense process, and requires the sacrifice of a particularly strong soul to bind. In my early days, I went through 10 supposedly strong slaves for every 1 golem I made.” Tectuktitlay in his notes on Golem Construction.

Health: Number of Units
Initiative: + 2
Move: 1
Melee Attack: 16 vs. Defense, (#Units/10)d1010
Defense: 28
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 22

Special: At the start of the golem’s turn, the holder of the Golem Control Rod must succeed on a Medium DC Arcana check. If they do not, then the golems do nothing this turn.

Special: Fortified: After an attack hits the golems, roll 2d10, and remove that much damage from the Golems.

Whether made by Tectuktitlay to serve in his many temples, made by Kalak to serve him after his ascension, or by some other means, Golems are slow, heavy, and virtually unstoppable without heavy support.


  • Fists of Stone: High Melee Damage.
  • Fortified Shell: Reduces damage taken.


  • Dragging Feet: Incredibly Slow.
  • Mindless: Require successful Arcana checks to command.


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