Unit Page: Guard.

“There’s only one rule you need to know. In Tyr, it is almost impossible for anyone to be in a street without breaking the law.” -City Guard Seargent

Health: Number of Units
Initiative: +4
Move: 2
Melee Attack: +13 vs. Defense, (#Units/10)d6 + 7 Damage.
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 24
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 16

Special: This unit gains +2 Attack and Defense, and +1 Move, when in Streets or Alleys. Their polearms give them a +4 attack, defense, and damage bonus against mounted units.

The standard unit of Tyr, the Guards are reasonably well trained, wielding their polearms and cudgels with a degree of skill. They are provided with basic scorpion scale armor, providing reasonable defense. Their strength lies in numbers, and in the urban settings they are most used to. Unless caught completely unaware, their polearms spell doom for mounted units.


  • Walk the Beat (+2 Attack and Defense in Streets or Alleys, +1 Move)
  • Polearms (+4 Against Charging Mounted Units)


  • Average Stats.


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