Harzen's Research Notes

“What does it do?” “I’m not sure, put it on! Then just wind this, crank this, infuse this, and… ewww… Well, I’m sure I can fix some of that!” Transcript of Experiment #457.

This is the page to chart the different things Harzen is researching for the party, they bring him Arcane Scrolls, Rare Reagents, and Bizarre Materials, and he attempts to find some way to create things out of them. Refer to this page to see what he wants, what he has made in the past, and what effect the ingredients the party brings him have had.

Short Projects – 1 Day

Project 1 – ???
Required – 1 Bag of Cogs and Gears from the Ziggurat
– 1 Unmodified/Non-Magical Weapon

Medium Projects – 1 Week 0/7 Days Complete

Project 4 – - X Vials of Powerful Acid/Blood
– A Lower Level Magic Item
– 1 Sentient Being’s Heart

Project 3 – Raven Tens – Wonderous Item – Daily: Ask a question, and roll the two dice. If the risk is worth the reward, they both come up Talons. If not, both come up Heads. If it’s unknown or it’ll break even, one head and one talon.

Project 2 – Clockwork Bombs – See Card – Made Instantly by Random Eureka!

Project 1 – Glider – Roll Intelligence to deploy, and Intelligence to retract. When deployed, character slows their falling to a safe speed, and glides at a rate of 300m sideways to 100m falling. However, when deployed, character is slowed, grants combat advantage, can’t shift, and has -2 AC from the cumbersome nature of the glider.

Long Projects – Variable

Project 1 – The Crawling Citadel – 1000 days/materials 875/1000
Required – Bones. Lots of Them. (Speeds Project)
– Time. Gravero… Genius takes… time. 42 Days

1 Day = 1 Set of Bones + 1d20 Bones from Harzen looting fights, graveyards, etc. + 3 from dead Recruits at the Battle Mage Academy

Optional – Metal (Speeds Project/2)
– Arcane Scrolls (?) 5 Provided
– Arcane Reagents (Speeds Project/2)
– Large Blades (?
) Up to 20
– Miscellaneous other items may have other effects, if you have something you don’t need, show Harzen, he might want it.

Harzen's Research Notes

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