House Tsalaxa

“You see, the thing about our family is, we have people everywhere.” Haneth Tsalaxa to his sons

One of the party’s most persistent foes, House Tsalaxa is a trading house based out of Draj that trades primarily in grain, slaves, and “recovered cargo”. The house is in a persistent state of warfare with a number of it’s rivals, including House Wavir, it’s primary competitor in the grain trade.

House Tsalaxa routinely uses any number of underhanded techniques to accomplish its goals, from blackmail, assassination, kidnapping, or worse. While House Tsalaxa itself is small, the riches it has gained from such activities means they are never short of mercenaries and assassins.

House Tsalaxa has crossed paths with the heroes on numerous occasions, and the party has tangled with, in order, a necromancer, mounted assassins, psychic suicide doppelgangers, a group of 20 or so goons wielding alchemist’s fire, a hexer that turned them into Z’tal, and a city up in arms over a 20,000 gold bounty on their heads.

Known Members of House Tsalaxa:

Haneth Tsalaxa: The Patriarch of the House.
Saren Tsalaxa: Mentioned by Folketh, oldest son of Haneth.
Folketh Tsalaxa: Second son of Haneth, deceased.
Tyron Tsalaxa: Youngest son of Haneth, deceased.
Jossi Tsalaxa: Female member of House Tsalaxa, standing unknown.

House Tsalaxa

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