Preserver Mages

Unit Page: Preserver Mage.

“Shh, be at ease child, the pain will pass soon.” Moiraine working in her Preserver Hospital.

Health: Number of Units
Initiative: + 3
Move: 2
Melee Attack: + 6 vs. Defense
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 14
Magic Attack: + 11 vs. Magic Defense, (#Units/5)d4+5, Ranged 6
Magic Defense: 26

Special: Preservers are skilled healers, any unit that ends it’s turn next to them regains Health equal to (Number of Preserver Mages in Group/10)d8 Health.

Members of the Preserver Faction of Tyr, these mages avoid using defiling magic, which makes them weaker combatants, but they balance it with their superior defensive and support magic. They are lightly armored, prefering to wear the robes of their group, and only have staves and ceremonial daggers for melee defense.


  • Healers (Can heal adjacent units, see Special)
  • Strong-Willed (Years of resisting the pull of Defiling Magic has granted these mages extra Magical defense)


  • No Armor (Wear only robes and cloth vestements)
  • Abhor Defilers (Their reliance on Preserving Magic makes them weaker combatants)

Preserver Mages

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