Unit Page: Psionicists.

“Guard your thoughts well lad, for even your basest desires will be known here.” Advice to anyone entering a Psionicist’s lair.

Health: Number of Units.
Initiative: + 5
Move: 2
Melee Attack: N/A
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 15
Magic Attack: + 14 vs. Magic Defense, (#Units/5)d6+2, Ranged 8
Magic Defense: 23

Special: Tear it down! +5 attack and plus 2d6 damage against structures and constructs.

Special: Psionic Cage: Once per turn, instead of attacking, the Psionicist can make an attack + 14 vs. Magic Defense, on a hit, no damage, but the targeted unit is immobilized till the end of their next turn. The unit can still attack however.

Psionicists are masters of The Way, what Athasians call psionic power. With Telekinetic and Telepathic powers, they are adept at tearing apart objects and rending the minds of their foes.


  • Long Range: Longest range of any magic user.
  • Siegebreaker: Deal extra damage to inanimate objects (See Special)


  • Fragile: No melee attack, and the lowest defense of any unit.


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