Unit Page: Ranger

“Here. Tracks. Our quarry went west. Three days ago. Move.” Wasteland Ranger, hunting an escaped criminal.

Health: Number of Units
Perception: + 14
Initiative: + 7
Move: 4
Melee Attack: N/A
Ranged Attack: 14 vs. Defense, (#Units/10)d6 +5, Ranged 5
Defense: 20 (See Special)
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 20
Special Stat: Stealth +12 (
16 in Difficult Terrain)

Special: Masters of the Waste (Can move over difficult terrain as though it were normal terrain, gain +2 defense in difficult terrain, -2 in Urban terrain).

Special: Gain bonuses to range and attack equal to height (I.E. A cliff 3 spaces up gives +3 Range and +3 AttacK)

Special: Climbing Kits (Can move up cliffs at half speed).

Rangers are masters of the waste, choosing to spend most of their lives hunting and scouring the desert for relics and gold. The only tangible difference between them and some bandit groups is their choice of targets.


  • Masters of the Waste: Gain bonuses in difficult terrain, cliffs.
  • Maneuverable: High Speed for non-mounted unit.


  • Light Bows: Lower Damage than some ranged units.


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