Shadow Brides - Law

Unit Page: Shadow Brides – Law

“Theft, Murder, Treason, and Smuggling, all are as equal in the eyes of Justice.” A Shadowbride, presiding over an execution.

Health: Number of Units
Perception: +13
Initiative: +5
Move: 2
Melee Attack: +14 vs. Defense, (#Units/10)d8 + 6 damage.
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 24
Magic Attack: N/A
Magic Defense: 19

Special: Eye of Justice: The Shadow Brides of the Temple of Law are well trained in ferreting out criminals and murderers in their lairs. They do not grant combat advantage from being flanked, and their attacks ignore cover.

Special: Subdue: The Temple of Law trains it’s initiates in non-lethal takedowns, they do not take the -2 to attack when trying to do non-lethal damage.

The Templars of the city-state of Nibenay are referred to as Shadow Brides. They are trained in five different temples, according to their skills. The Temple of Law is the most powerful of the five temples, and handles the day to day running of the city, the patrolling of the streets, and the dispensation of justice.

Shadow Brides - Law

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