Unit Page: Shamans.

“The land weeps under the weight of defilers on it. It is about time the land opened to swallow the filth.” Adran, surveying the devastation of a small grove of trees she tended.

Health: Number of Units
Intiative: + 4
Move: 2
Melee Attack: + 8 vs. Defense, (#Units/10)d4+3
Ranged Attack: N/A
Defense: 19
Magic Attack: + 13 vs. Magic Defense, (#Units/5)d6+4, Ranged 7
Magic Defense: 22

Special: Overgrowth: Once per turn, instead of attacking, the Shaman can cause the land itself to rise up, turning an area burst 1 within 7 into difficult terrain till the end of their next turn.

Special: Spirit’s Protection: Any unit that starts it’s turn next to the Shaman gain +2 defense and magic defense till the end of their next turn.

Special: Attacks by the Shaman against defilers (Battle Mages, Templars) do an extra 2d8 damage.

Shamans are the guardians of nature, and seek to restore Athas to it’s verdant past. They have a special hate for defilers, and their spirit companions aid them in defending the land and their allies.


  • Masters of Nature: Can cause Overgrowth (See Special)
  • Naturally hardened: Defense is higher than any other magic units.


  • Low Magic resistance.


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