“The world is giant, but nothing makes it feel larger than travelling the tablelands. Without a compass or a map, you could wander it for months without seeing another soul or sign of civillization. Well, aside from the creatures trying to kill you.” Rhotan Vor cautioning his caravan to stay together.

One of the largest areas in the Tyr Region of Athas, the Tablelands are comparatively lush, in that there are occasionally cacti and other flora. The party travelled the Tablelands early in the adventure, on their quest to find the Vault of Darom Madar in the Canyon of Gothay.

The Tablelands are bordered on the west by The Great Alluvial Sand Wastes, The Endless Sand Dunes to the south, The Ivory Triangle and The Basin of Un-Kar to the east, and The Flatlands to the North.

Notable locations in The Tablelands:

Raam – City State of Ablach-re
Urik – City State of Hamanu
Balic – City State of Andropinus
Draj – City State of Tectuktitlay
Silver Springs – An elven trading post, destroyed
Ruins of Yaramuke – An ancient city-state, the site of a battle between sorcerer-kings
Ablath – A walled town run by House Tsalaxa as a trading post
Altaruk – A walled town on the shore of a tributary of The Sea of Silt, run by House Wavir.
Shazlim – A small village on the road between Silver Springs and Raam, start of the party’s adventures.
Fort Isus and Fort Sandol: Two forts, run by the forces of Nibenay that guard the road from Raam.


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